Leading the Embroidery Machine Parts
Industry for 27 Years

EFP Inc. has been in the manufacturing and embroidery machine parts business for over 37 years. We started our company by designing, patenting and manufacturing frame presses, frame press heads and table tops for the embroidery industry in 1983. We were marketing them through Macpherson/Meistergram Inc. In the mid-1980s, we designed the first cap frame system with one driver and two cap frames in the world. They were designed for the Barudan embroidery machine and distributed by Macpherson/Meistergram of Greensboro N.C. Later we started supplying the cap frames to Barudan America. To the present, we are the only cap frame vendor for Barudan machines.

In 1986, we designed the golf bag machine to embroider on finished golf bags. We have built these machines for most of the major golf bag manufacturers in the United States. We designed and patented the first drop table embroidery machine in the world and assigned the patent to Barudan America. We designed the radius cylinder arm for embroidery machines; this was also assigned to Barudan America.

We have multiple U.S. patents in the commercial embroidery machine industry. To name a few: Spectacle Framing System (1995), Portal Framing System (1997), Advantage Cap Frame System (1999), EX cap Frame System (2002), Gator Clamping System (2008), Multi Clamp Pocket Pro (2020) and numerous other devices for the embroidery industry. We have been working with Barudan America customers designing specialty embroidery hoops and work holding devices for hard to hoop garments for over 37 years.