Tajima Gator Clamp TMBP Model (EFP007075)

Tajima TMBP Gator Clamping System
The Gator Clamping System for the new TMBP Tajima Embroidery machine has adjustable sliding arms making it ideal for a wide variety of embroidery needs. It can be used to embroider bags, blankets, towels, pants, shirts, pockets as well as many other garments. The Gator Clamp utilizes a patented grip pad that allows it to hold any material from as thin as a sheet of paper up to 1/4″ thick without marking or damaging the material and without any adjustment to the clamp for different thicknesses of material. It will take the place of many hoop sizes. The Gator Clamp can hold garments up to 13″ wide. No tools are required for mounting. Just remove the tubular arms and replace with the Gator Clamp. The grip pad on each arm deflects the material to the outside of the sewing field when clamped. If the material has a wrinkle it can be pulled out from either clamp. The grip pad is designed to let the operator pull the material away from the sewing field but it will not allow the material to slip back. Therefore, keeping the material tight for sewing.  Please watch video of the Gator Clamp below.



Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions25 × 15 × 5 in


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